Handguns & AR Rifle Platform Firearms Accessories

TEN TECH AEROSPACE & DEFENSE engineers and manufactures small firearms accessories, such as handgun speed loaders and AR rifle platform forward grips, magazine couplers and other accessory adapters, under the brand name TEN TECH TACTICAL.

Our products can be found in the hands of happy shooters around the country. Our speed Loaders are offered as a courtesy accessory for new shooter rentals at the Granite State Indoor Shooting Range.


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Our products are designed and validated by our engineering team, using the very same tools and processes used by our engineering services on Military Programs. Extensive validation takes place to insure our products can withstand the harsh conditions of firearms operation. Thanks to our Generative Design and 3D Printing Expertise, TEN TECH AERO is able to provide truly innovative products, lightweight but rugged, and easily customizable.

Handgun Speedloaders

Engineered with both experienced shooters and novices in mind, our patented Speed Loaders differentiates themselves by being lighter, cooler-looking and also more importantly designed to still teach how to properly load a magazine (i.e. the same motion as manual loading, but without the pain). Our Speed Loaders have been designed to sustain 5x the load of standard magazine springs, and features a convenient keychain ring to easily attach to a range bag of keychain. During the design phase, a lot of field usage data gathered, showing an average of 25%-30% faster loading with experienced shooters, and two to three times faster for novices. Some of our testers were even incapable of loading 17 rounds in certain magazines, and can do it in less than a minute with our speed loader.

Several colors and patterns are available, including our very popular Coyote Tan, Carbon Fiber and "Glow in the Dark" version, and more can be made on demand in a short period of time. Models compatible with Glock, Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, Beretta and more are available, being 9mm or other. Prices range from $10 to $20 depending on the material, and a bundle for Shooting Ranges and Shooting Classes that includes 20 Speed Loaders in an Ammo Can is available for $150.
Handgun Speed Loader
Handgun Speedloader Statistcs

Rfles & AR Platform Accessories

TEN TECH AERO designs and manufactures a range of AR platform accessories, compatible with Picatiyny rails or M-Lok mounting schemes, ranging from magazine couplers and bumpers, simple vertical and angled foregrips and thumb stops to M4 hand guard adapters, bringing the ability to use M-Lok accessories with a traditional M4 hangdguard to our soon to be released Mil-Spec Buttstock slip-on recoil absorber and our own version of AR upper/lower receiver wobble stop, also known as Accu-Wedge.

As with our Speed Loaders, all of these accessories are designed, tested and manufactured in-house. Several colors and patterns are available, including our very popular Coyote Tan, Carbon Fiber and "Glow in the Dark" version, and more can be made on demand in a short period of time. Logos, initials or any text can be added on demand. We make sure our prices are in line with the current market and offer volume discounts and Law Enforcement special discounts.
M-Lok Rifle Thumb Stop
Picatinny Rail Vertical Grip
AR-15 Accu-Wedge Accuwedge
Rifle Picatinny Angled Foregrip
Red Dot Sight Housing
AR-15 Skeletonized Handgrip
S&W MP 2.0 Red Dot Adapter Plate
Gun Empty Chamber Flag
Rifle Buttstock

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